Bakuen Campus Guardress

Posted: February 27, 2015 in Anime

Well, 4 eps of pretty hilarious take on a hero saving the world by protecting the key to the demon gate. Magic and fighting and a love story of… some kind. Pretty nice watch. Had even one of the best endings I’ve seen in quite a while and made me facepalm a few times. Especially as it’s so short (that’s what she said). Got good ‘solutions’ to some problems =D Trying to add some pics too again, yay.

zplayer 2015-02-27 06-11-31-53zplayer 2015-02-27 06-12-55-98zplayer 2015-02-27 06-09-41-40zplayer 2015-02-27 06-11-05-66zplayer 2015-02-27 06-12-18-94zplayer 2015-02-27 06-10-26-41

zplayer 2015-02-27 06-11-50-22

Bad guy looks like the one guy from the other anime I really liked… Ugh… Needles, yeah that was it.

Also has good reasons to act like this. And not ‘good’ good, just makes sense to me, but I’m weird, so…

Ogod, I need to figure out how to remove formating, curse you, Windows Writer

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